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Can Ving Tsun be a self-defense system?

Kung Fu is not strictly a martial system, but many different chinese systems with different aspects in each of them. These systems want to develop "Kung Fu". Each one of these systems give us variations created with the goal to provide us experiences to solve anyone problem that we may have in our day-to-day experience. Ving Tsun is one of these systems of variation, and  it was systematized by the founder Yim Ving Tsun.

Ilustration of Yim Ving Tsun

In this context is key to understand the Ving Tsun, to see that it is not only we see in videos ou photos created for show us the appliance of the system in real combat. Videos that give us combat demonstrations should be directed to give us access to concepts and ideas that support the scene. A punch is much more than a punch

Master Julio Camacho and my Si Hing Claudio Teixeira
Ving Tsun can not be summarized in a self-defense system, and the people who are trying to do this are not well intentioned. A combat moment is a set of complex moments in which are intricates visible and invisible factors, mainly risk factors. Our life is threatened in a real combat.

We can deal with the risk factors acording we have developed Kung Fu. The instruments that were created by Ving Tsun system, therefore, can be characterized by study struments for development of Kung Fu.

Me watching Moy Faat Lin (Guilherme Farias) and Si Gung Moy Yat San (Leo Imamura)

But of course we can study situations of risk and combat! If we are aware that this study is only a "skill test". We must be careful not to be seduced by the discourse of fight dominated by techiniques. The real combat is controlled by the invisible, and the capacity of to see the invisible is called "Kung Fu".

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