domingo, 7 de maio de 2017

The genesis of the opportune moment

Si Fu Julio Camacho in airport before his trip to California
After many years and Kung Fu encounters, I have perceived that exists some moments with different qualities. My Si Fu usually choose, to show these different moments, to apply a void in day-to-day scheduled moments to be occupied by disciple energy. But this void is not introduced abruptly, it is placed gently so that the disciple can appropriate it for his own benefit. The central message provided I think is: Kung Fu ability is to transform all moments in opportune moments. The scheduled moments at the beginning is only an excuse to it.

This message is hard to understand. At first I thought that “to transform all moments in opportune moments I need to have force or ability to submit situations to my desire”. Wrong! What initially Si Fu points for us, that I named “void”, really is the flow of reality itself. That means that the more we try to create moments programmed according to our way without thinking if this moment is the opportune moments, we are increasing the distance between reality and desire.

Si Fu speeaks on a night of Thursday
We don’t aways live opportune moment in things that we doing. As well? At certain times we can make plans to reach our goals. For this, a good way is finding the moments that are favorable for us goals. But it is not always that we find this good moment, this “opportune moment”. It means that the opportune moment is linked to what reality more than our wishes. The only way to realiy our wishes is finding the opportune moment, therefore is a waste of time to have desires that cannot find spaces of realization in the flow of reality. The encounter between desire and flow of reality is the “opportune moment”!

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